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Welcome to Hadrian Books!
Hadrian Books are the exclusive distributor for British Archaeological Reports (B.A.R.), published in two series: British and International.

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B.A.R. British Series


B.A.R. International Series  INTERNATIONAL

B.A.R. British Series BAR 612, 2015
Later Prehistoric and Roman Landscapes on the Berkshire Downs

by: Paula  Levick
ISBN: 9781407313665 , Price: £49.00


B.A.R. British Series BAR 611, 2015
Die Wikingergraeber auf der Isle of Man

by: Dirk H. Steinforth
ISBN: 9781407313658 , Price: £32.00


B.A.R. British Series BAR 610, 2015
The Bronze Age Metalwork of South Western Britain; A corpus of material found between 1983 and 2014
Bronze Age metalwork has always caught the interest of archaeologists, largely due to the very large volume and variety of objects that is still being recovered on an almost daily basis. Regional catalogues have been repeatedly undertaken in an attempt to manage the sheer wealth of data and analyse the implications. In 1983, one Susan Pearce published such a study of south western Britain (BAR 120, 1983), contributing a catalogue of 896 find spots. This discussion embraced the wider understanding of metalworking in the region, how this fitted with traditions across the rest of the country and the European continent, and how the metalwork was integrated into prehistoric society. This volume is intended to bring the 1983 corpus of south western Bronze Age metalwork finds up to date by documenting finds made in the four counties between January 1980 and July 2014. The intention here is not to undertake a full re-examination of the south western metalwork and its context - such a discussion is beyond the confines of this publication - but instead to suggest some of the broad parameters within which such a discussion might take place, and to point to several key themes that have become prominent in Bronze Age studies since 1983 and to some that remain relatively underexplored. A digital copy of the 1983 corpus has been included on CD as part of this publication to allow access to the complete collection of find spots in south western Britain.
by: Matthew   Knight , Theresa  Ormrod , Susan  Pearce
ISBN: 9781407313504 , Price: £30.00


B.A.R. International Series BAR S2715, 2015
Recycling Ideas: Bronze Age Metal Production in Southern Norway

by: Lene  Melheim
ISBN: 9781407313689 , Price: £ 46.00


B.A.R. International Series BAR S2714, 2015
Las Presas Romanas en Espana

by: Juan Carlos Castillo Barranco
ISBN: 9781407313672 , Price: £ 49.00


B.A.R. International Series BAR S2713, 2015
Implantation Territoriale des Terramares
Analyses geomorphologiques et spatiales Italie, provinces de Parme et Plaisance, XVIIe-XIIe siecles av. n. ere
by: Julie  Boundry
ISBN: 9781407313641 , Price: £ 49.00