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Welcome to Hadrian Books!
Hadrian Books are the exclusive distributor for British Archaeological Reports (B.A.R.), published in two series: British and International.

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B.A.R. British Series


B.A.R. International Series  INTERNATIONAL

B.A.R. British Series BAR 600, 2014
Dead Men’s Eyes: Embodied GIS, Mixed Reality and Landscape Archaeology

by: Stuart   Eve
ISBN: 9781407312913 , Price: £34.00


B.A.R. British Series BAR 599, 2014
Social Dynamics in South-West England AD 350–1150: An Exploration of Maritime Oriented Identity

by: Imogen   Tompsett
ISBN: 9781407312903 , Price: £42.00


B.A.R. British Series BAR 598, 2014
Further discoveries about the Surveying and Planning of Roman Roads in Northern Britain
A sequel to BAR 492
by: John  Poulter
ISBN: 9781407312811 , Price: £24.00


B.A.R. International Series BAR S2651, 2014
Beyond Ibn Hawqal's Bahr al-Fārs
10th -13th Centuries AD: Sindh and the Kīj-u-Makrān region, hinge of an international network of religious, political, institutional and economic affairs. Studies in the Archaeology and History of Baluchistan Volume II.
by: Valeria  Piacentini  Fiorani
ISBN: 9781407312927 , Price: £ 37.00


B.A.R. International Series BAR S2650, 2014
The West Bank Survey from Faras to Gemai
1 Sites of Early Nubian, Middle Nubian and Pharaonic Age. by Hans-Åke Nordström. Sudan Archaeological Research Society Publication No. 21
ISBN: 9781407312897 , Price: £ 36.00


B.A.R. International Series BAR S2649, 2014
An Integration of the Use-Wear and Residue Analysis for the Identification of the Function of Archaeological Stone Tools
Proceedings of the International Workshop, Rome, March 5th-7th, 2012
edited by: Cristina Lemorini and Stella Nunziante Cesaro
ISBN: 9781407312880 , Price: £ 25.00