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B.A.R. British Series BAR 610, 2015
The Bronze Age Metalwork of South Western Britain; A corpus of material found between 1983 and 2014
Bronze Age metalwork has always caught the interest of archaeologists, largely due to the very large volume and variety of objects that is still being recovered on an almost daily basis. Regional catalogues have been repeatedly undertaken in an attempt to manage the sheer wealth of data and analyse the implications. In 1983, one Susan Pearce published such a study of south western Britain (BAR 120, 1983), contributing a catalogue of 896 find spots. This discussion embraced the wider understanding of metalworking in the region, how this fitted with traditions across the rest of the country and the European continent, and how the metalwork was integrated into prehistoric society. This volume is intended to bring the 1983 corpus of south western Bronze Age metalwork finds up to date by documenting finds made in the four counties between January 1980 and July 2014. The intention here is not to undertake a full re-examination of the south western metalwork and its context - such a discussion is beyond the confines of this publication - but instead to suggest some of the broad parameters within which such a discussion might take place, and to point to several key themes that have become prominent in Bronze Age studies since 1983 and to some that remain relatively underexplored. A digital copy of the 1983 corpus has been included on CD as part of this publication to allow access to the complete collection of find spots in south western Britain.
by: Matthew   Knight , Theresa  Ormrod , Susan  Pearce
ISBN: 9781407313504 , Price: £30.00


B.A.R. British Series BAR 609, 2015
Excavations of Prehistoric Settlement at Toomebridge, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland 2003
In 2002-2003, the construction of a new road to bypass the village of Toomebridge, Co Antrim, through which the main Belfast to Derry Road (A6) passed, was commenced by Roads Service; an Agency within the Department of Regional Development. As part of the overall planning permission for the Toomebridge Bypass, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) raised a requirement for archaeological mitigation. Northern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd was appointed to undertake the archaeological excavation of this site. In the course of topsoil stripping a small drumlin on part of the road scheme 2,100 flint artefacts were uncovered. While the majority (approximately 70%) of these dated from the Late Mesolithic, the Earlier Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age periods were also represented. Archaeology was uncovered on the western side of the drumlin. It formed 14 discrete areas (Features 1-14). The features were for the most part structures and ranged in date from the Mid-Mesolithic (Features 1-4), through the Late Mesolithic (Features 5-8), the Bronze Age (Features 9-11), and the late Bronze Age or Iron Age (Feature 13) and the 19th to 20th centuries (Feature 14).
by: Colin  Dunlop , Peter  Woodman
ISBN: 9781407313498 , Price: £28.00


B.A.R. British Series BAR 608, 2014
The Maritime Archaeology of Alum Bay
Two shipwrecks on the north-west coast of the Isle of Wight, England (with a foreword by Garry Momber) contributions by Nigel Nayling, Peter Northover, Shirley Northover, Nick Cokes, Philippa Naylor, Florencis Malamud, Joe Kelleher, Jon James and Paul Simpson. Maritime Archaeology Trust Monograph Series No. 2.
by: Julie  Satchell , Julian  Whitewright
ISBN: 9781407313368 , Price: £30.00


B.A.R. International Series BAR S2707, 2015
Early Medieval Crafts and Production in Ireland, AD 400-1100: The Evidence from Rural Settlements
This book investigates the archaeological evidence for crafts and production in early medieval Ireland, AD 400-1100, with a particular focus on the extensive excavated evidence from rural secular and ecclesiastical settlements. The volume firstly provides an overview of the social and ideological contexts of crafts and technologies in early Ireland. It then outlines the extant evidence specifically for iron-working, non-ferrous metalworking, glass, enamel and millefiori, bone, antler and horn, and stone working, and characterises each craft practice in terms of scale, outputs and implications for society. Tables provide additional information on wood craft and pottery. The book then provides a detailed review of the use of different materials in dress and ornament, touches on cloth and textile production, and explores how social identities were performed through objects and material practices. The book then provides a voluminous site gazetteer accounting for all evidence for craft and production on hundreds of early medieval settlements, with numerous tables of data, site plans, artefact drawings and photographs and an extensive bibliography. The book is based on the work of the Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP), which was funded through the Irish Heritage Council and Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht's INSTAR programme, a collaborative research project carried out by University College Dublin and Queens University Belfast which reviewed all archaeological excavations in Ireland between c.1930-2012. This particular book, building on EMAP's previous studies of dwellings and settlements, and agriculture and economy, provides the baseline for a generation of studies of early medieval crafts and
edited by: Thomas R. Kerr, Maureen Doyle, Matthew Seaver, Finbar McCormick and Aidan O'Sullivan
ISBN: 9781407313580 , Price: £ 88.00


B.A.R. International Series BAR S2706, 2015
Paleoethnobotanical Study of Ancient Food Crops and the Environmental Context in North-East Africa, 6000 BC-AD 200/300

Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology 88

Archaeobotanical investigation was conducted on a total of thirty two thousand (n=32,000) pot fragments, baked clay and fired clay collected from different sites belonging to five Cultural Groups in Eastern Sudan. The Cultural Groups include Amm Adam, Butana, Gash, Jebel Mokram, and Hagiz. Soil samples (6 kilos) were also analyzed from various excavation spots at Mahal Teglinos, a major site that rendered data on Butana, Gash, Jebel Mokram and Hagiz Groups. The objective of the study was to reconstruct ancient food systems of the pre-historic inhabitants of a region of Northeast Africa and its environmental milieu. The result of the study demonstrated the subsistence bases of the inhabitants from ca. 6,000 B.C. to 200/300 A.D. Crops like the small seeded millets (Setaria sp., Eleusine sp., Paspalum sp., Echinochloa sp., Pennisetum sp.), Sorghum verticilliflorum, Sorghum bicolor bicolor, Hordeum sp., Triticum monococcum/dicoccum, and seeds and fruit stones (Vigna unguiculata, Grewia bicolor Juss., Ziziphus sp. (mainly Ziziphus spina christi) and Celtis integrifolia) were cultivated for consumption during this period. The study has also shed new light on the domestication history of Sorghum bicolor. The wild Sorghum, Sorghum bicolor verticilliflorum and its cultivated variety, Sorghum bicolor were simultaneously exploited by the Jebel Mokram Group people between 2,000 B.C. and 1,000 B.C. One of the oldest domesticated morphotype of Sorghum bicolor, i.e. an intermediary phase between the wild progenitor and its domesticated variety was revealed by the same investigation. Morphological change that has occurred while the species was evolving from wild to cultivated is measured using a Leica Qwin software.
by: Alemseged   Beldados
ISBN: 9781407313573 , Price: £ 29.00


B.A.R. International Series BAR S2705, 2015
<< Somewhere Beyond The Sea >> Les iles bretonnes (France) : perspectives archeologiques, geographiques et historiques
<< Somewhere Beyond The Sea >> The islands of Brittany (France): an archaeological, geographical and historical point of view.Actes du Seminaire Archeologique de l'Ouest, 1er avril 2014, Rennes / Acts of the Seminar on the Archaeology of Western France, 1st April 2014, Rennes

The Seminar on the Archaeology of Western France, which focused on the islands of Brittany, was held on 1 April 2014 at the University of Rennes 1. The desire to organize this seminar arose spontaneously from the dynamism which currently animates archaeological research on island spaces of the western seaboard of France. Indeed, the seminar took place during a pivotal period of archaeological research covering these islands. A multidisciplinary approach to the question of insularity appears essential, in view of the large amount of research currently undertaken on this topic from the historical, ethnographic and geographical points of view. Accordingly, a comparative analysis of prehistoric and recent island societies would seem to have a true long-term potential for research (to understand in a diachronic way the organization between islands, the relations between large and small islands, the dynamics of exploitation of resources and the degree of dependence with respect to the continent, etc.). Comparisons with other island systems would also offer a particularly rich and relevant approach to refine our study of the problems of insularity. This publication brings together various participants of research on islands, including archeologists, archeometrists,
edited by: Lorena Audouard and Benjamin Gehres
ISBN: 9781407313566 , Price: £ 31.00