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ABOUT Hadrian Books

BAR was founded by Anthony Hands and David Walker in 1974, for the speedy publication and wide dissemination of works on British archaeology to a professional and academic audience. One year later the 'Supplementary Series' (hence the prefix 'S') later renamed the 'International Series', was established. Following the death of David Walker in 1989, the production of new titles was taken over by Tempvs Reparatvm Ltd from 1991-97 and subsequently by two organisations: Archaeopress [http://www.archaeopress.com] and John & Erica Hedges Ltd [http://www.barhedges.com], both based in Oxford.

Hadrian Books Ltd., successor to BAR Ltd., remains the sole distributor for both series.
The policy of BAR remains unchanged: to publish scholarly works on all aspects of world archaeology in the English, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages and to distribute them worldwide.

Ordering information is available at How to order page.

If you are interested in publishing a manuscript in the BAR series please contact: